01 November 2013

Cross Stitched Tote Bag

So, as I was making those pillow tops I pieced together one and decided to make it into a tote bag. I added a large pocket to the outside with a loop and button closure and a divided pocket on the inside. I put batting in the strap and just did a simple curved quilt line the length of the strap. It's pretty darn sweet!

Hubby thinks I should keep it but you all know I hardly keep anything - - so much more fun to give things away!

I also did a pillow with ruffled/pleated sides that I am madly in love with and am definitely keeping for myself. It says "Autumn Needles Queen" and I love this color combination! The stitching pattern can be found on my Pinterest Cross Stitch board, btw.

And it looks great in our new chair :)

Betty & Dee

1 comment:

  1. Hi betty, your bag is lovely! I also admire the cushion. You're good at sewing, not me! I use google translation to write you this little message. I wish you a good day, kisses