03 March 2014

Scarf in Progress

Mom is back to knitting again and that means a beautiful 100% silk yarn scarf for ME! Isn't this color just too yummy?!

25 November 2013

ETSY SHOP: Open for business

Hello! We've finally reopened our Etsy shop, and it's fully stocked with handmade stuffed seahorses, whales and Dala horses!

Patchwork Seahorses:

Holiday Seahorses:

Whales (and one sting ray):

Dala Horses:

I've also been working on a lot of pillows and I'll be adding them to the shop in the next week or so. 

All of the items above were made from Jennifer Paganelli and Robyn Pandolph fabrics (the white is Lakehouse). 

The seahorse is my version of a Tilda pattern and is 13" tall. The Dala horse is a Tilda pattern and is 10" tall x 9" long. The whales come in two sizes, 15" and 12", and is my own pattern, as is the sting ray with a wingspan of 16". I've thought about jellyfish, camels, lamas and Scotty dogs, but we will wait and see how much traffic we get on Etsy.

I'll be putting an Etsy button in the sidebar for a quick one-click trip to the shop, but in the mean time just go to Etsy and type in Dizzy Little Kingdom in the "sellers" category.

Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving!
Betty, Deanna & Tessa

01 November 2013

Cross Stitched Tote Bag

So, as I was making those pillow tops I pieced together one and decided to make it into a tote bag. I added a large pocket to the outside with a loop and button closure and a divided pocket on the inside. I put batting in the strap and just did a simple curved quilt line the length of the strap. It's pretty darn sweet!

Hubby thinks I should keep it but you all know I hardly keep anything - - so much more fun to give things away!

I also did a pillow with ruffled/pleated sides that I am madly in love with and am definitely keeping for myself. It says "Autumn Needles Queen" and I love this color combination! The stitching pattern can be found on my Pinterest Cross Stitch board, btw.

And it looks great in our new chair :)

Betty & Dee

Seahorses: Jennifer Paganelli Fabrics

While Tessa has been here, we decided we should try our hand at some animal softies. We chose a seahorse pattern from Tilda's "Sew Sunny Homestyle" book/2009. The original template yielded a 7" seahorse that proved to be difficult to turn even with hemostats, so I eyeballed the template and drew a larger one. Then we made the seahorses exclusively from Jennifer Paganelli fabrics. The first two were whole pieces of fabric, but then we started piecing strips together and fell in love with the look. Everyone else must have too, because we've already sold out of the first batch! They are $35, 13" tall, and ship free in the US:

We are already working on our second batch:

And keep tuning in, because we also have a whale template!

Betty, Dee & Tessa

Cross Stitched & Pieced Pillows

Good morning and happy November 1st! I started my day with a cup of coffee with eggnog and nutmeg - yummo! Tessa & Thomas have been here, so Halloween was a lot of fun, and now I have Thomas for 3 days while Tessa does an Army drill weekend.

I've been taking some finished cross stitch pieces and turning them into 14" square pillows:

I know a lot of you stitch and hope this motivates you to use your stitcheries in new ways :-)

Betty & Dee

05 October 2013

Norwegian Quilters

I am a huge fan of Henning Mankel's "Wallander" Swedish crime books. Somehow that led me to looking at blogs in Norway- don't ask me cuz I have no idea how I got started on this!
I didn't save links (can't pronounce them let alone spell them!) but I did save pictures to share.

I love the flower arbors top and bottom:

Just so lovely!

Beautiful memory/shabby chic wall hanging:

Even owls are popular in Norway!

Love these charm pack bags:

Such beautiful placemats:

Strips quilt - getting popular everywhere:

Really love this style:

Darling purse:

Tilda inspired?

It makes me feel like the world is so quaint and cozy when I find lovely quilters all over the world.

Betty & Dee

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16 August 2013

Upcycled Jeans: Bohemian Skirt

A few weeks ago I tried my hand at turning the top of a pair of jeans into a skirt. There are lots of tutorials out there, but once I knew to double the waist of the jeans for the yardage I needed for the skirt it was very straight forward.

I had a window panel with embroidery on it- seemed like a cheap way to experiment!

I made an asymmetrical cut and sewed the excess right back on, for a bit of "style". However, this was a waste as I lost this piece when I shortened the skirt!

Once I had a tube sewn up for the skirt I just turned it inside out, place the jeans inside and ran my seam all the way around. I wanted to cover the seam so I did a gathered strip out of the leftover panel material.

Tessa is modeling her new skirt with a cami and slouchy sweater. She's thrilled that she gets the fit of the jeans at the top, not to mention pockets, and I'm thrilled that she'll wear a skirt!

Betty & Dee

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04 August 2013

Cross Stitched Pillow

My mother's cousin loves purples- so after Mom finished a black and lavender cross stitch on pale pink fabric we decided to finish it as a decorative pillow for her cousin's bed.

I had some Tina Givens fabric that was a perfect color match and added in the small black polka dot, piecing it like i would for a quilt block. A black ribbon was the final touch.

This was a simple flange pillow pattern. There is a slit in the back with a tie closure and I made it to fit a Joann's 14"x14" pillow form.

Betty & Dee

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24 July 2013

Mermaid Wall Hanging

I was piecing a back for a quilt and got a little sidetracked. Before I knew it, I had made a pattern from grocery sacks and was making a huge mermaid appliqué for a wall hanging! (You know, like ya do! Ha!).

This was my inspiration:

And yes, this is what I really used!

Then I started pulling Batik fabrics out:

Once I got her body and hair cut out I put her on different background pieces:

This became the fabric for her tail:

Possibly some seaweed should be floating around her? Still playing around with that idea...

She is HUGE. This is my dining room table. I'm seeing seaweed and beading in my future.

The only appliqué I had done before was small. Although intimidating at first, a big project is almost easier. I'm excited to finish her and then try my hand at an appliqué landscape piece.

I used Wonder Under, btw. Great product. Just iron it on to your fabric and cut your shape out. Later when you have things where you want, peel the thin paper backing off and press down. Iron again to secure permanently.

Have a crafty day!
Betty & Dee

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